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I am Fred, I organize hikings nude exclusively for men, since 2018.

We hike in the forests and countryside south of Rouen, in the Eure and Seine-Maritime departements of Normandy, a nothern region of France.

We choose lonely trails where you seldom cross anyone and if weather permitting.

The goal is to get outdoors, walk, meet new guys, explore interesting spots in nature, and create a convivial group spirit.

We are a group, not an association. That means there are no by-laws. All we require is respect and availability for at least a day for each excursion.

While the group has its community aspect, sex is not the goal, but guys can and do get to know each other and hook up later.

Our aim is to create a friendly and cohesive group atmosphere.



That’s it ! We should go nudehiking again for the 2021.

3 dates are planned for july:

– Thursday July 8th, Saturday July 17th and Tuesday July 27th.

The places of these hikes will be near Louviers, in Normandy, departement of Eure, between Rouen and Evreux.

These dates are subject to change depending the weather.

You will be informed of a possible modification by a newsletter or by e-mail.

The number of participants remains limited to 6-7 guys per hike.

To participate to a nudehike, all you have to do is reply to the monthly newsletter or to contact me by e-mail : randhoms27@gmail.com



The routes are without particular difficulties, it is necessary to plan:

  • A good pair of hiking shoes or good sport shoes
  • A backpack
  • A towel to sit during the picnic
  • Food and drinks for the picnic and to keep yourself hydrated
  • A T-shirt
  • A short with wide legs that can be slipped on quickly in case we spot other people further ahead (rare because when we set out we are in open terrain)
  • It is recommended spray anti ticks



If you have any questions for us, if you want to know the schedule and locations of the hikes, receive the monthly Newsletter, contact us on:


See you soon,

Kindly nude,


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